All Nutrient Dye

As a professional hair colorist, this product is a horrible waste of money, time, and aggravation. As a person who lives their lives as naturally as possible, this product is a utter insult. Their is nothing organic about this product and the only thing that All Nutrient Color will give you is empty chairs and […]

All-Nutrient Hair Color

I found All-Nutrient hair color to perform very badly.  I was also disappointed in the misleading advertising which represented that it was certified organic.  In fact, I could not find any certified organic ingredients that it contains.  I do not recommend this hair color to either salons or consumers.  If you are a salon, you […]


I am so sorry to say that I was thoroughly disappointed with All Nutrient Color. As a colorist for 20 years, I was looking forward to something more natural that still worked. I found All Nutrient to not only lack any type of natural or healthy aspect to it, but also not perform up to […]

All Nutrient Hair Dye

Wow, where do I start with this one. The worst mistake I have made in my 15 years as a professional hair colorist was trying All-Nutrient. I tried it on three clients, and lost all three. Service from the company is despicable, education is laughable, and the product simply sucks.

all-nutrient hair color

I tried All-Nutrient hair color in my salon for a short period of time. The color is so-so, but it definitely is not a professional-grade product. I think it would be ok in your salon if you sold it as a retail product. I would also be careful of their claims of being organic. I […]